John Bryant

Established and founded Crystalaid Pty. Ltd. in 1952.

Crystalaid Manufacture (CRM) was incorporated in 1975 to be a Division of Crystalaid Pty. Ltd. which was established in 1952 dispensing Professional Audiometric Technology using selective sound frequency amplification. The use of sub-minature components of that era enabled Crystalaid to Manufacture Hearing Instruments and this “Know How” was dedicated to “WHEN BETTER ELECTRONIC DEVICES CAN BE BUILT, CRYSTALAID WILL BUILD THEM”


CRM adapted to Advanced Technology over the years and has been re-established as a Sub-Contract Electronics Assembler aimed at the High Reliability Market, branching out yet again to include Industrial markets for volume manufacturing. Some of the industries that CRM currently assembles for include:

  • Military

  • Aeronautical Products

  • Mining

  • Commercial – Data Logging, Communications, Camera Systems

  • Automotive systems – Data logging

  • Rail Systems

John Bryant was the founding Director of the Crystalaid Group of Companies, commencing 1952, along with his son Shane Bryant.

After his passing in July 2015, Shane Bryant has now taken his role in the company. Crystalaid is working to expand its operations into engineering and complete turn key production.

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